As seen before, my name is Mal/Amanda (she/it) and I am 17 year old bisexual, agender trans girl and a lot of other things too. I'm an artist, a writer, a musician, and an all around awesome gal. I'm also autistic and mentally ill, which is a very big part of my life.

I have a large variety of special intrests like anarchnology and entomology, astronomy, oceanography (ESPECIALLY the deep ocean), "extreme" music, pathology, analogue media formats (cassettes, VHS tapes, vinyls, etc) and surreal internet horor.

I listen to a lot of different music genres including, but not limited to: grindcore, death metal, black metal (NSBM FUCK OFF), doom metal, goregrind, cybergrind, speedcore, mashcore, breakcore, dnb, jungle, hardtek, gorenoise, harsh noise/power electronics/death industrial/hnw, powerviolence, industrial, shoegaze, math rock, midwest emo, dream pop and vaporwave. I've also been known to listen to a lot of video game music.

I tend to spend my days making music, drawing, taking photos of things, riding my bike/longboarding, playing strange games and conversing on the internet and having fun :-)

I would generally consider myself an optimist, along with a realist. I look at the world for what it is, but i do have the hope for a better future. My main goal in life is to improve others life with the things I create :-)